Our Opportunity

Pique is turbocharging digital businesses’ engagement and revenue growth with truly 1:1 content & product recommendations. We are looking for a talented and motivated Machine Learning Engineer with strong technical skills, a collaborative work ethic and teamwork spirit to join the Data Science team. You should be able to work in a demanding environment, collaborating closely with other developers and product managers in our projects.

In this role you will

  • Develop, maintain, and deploy underlying personalization algorithms for ecommerce & multimedia consumption
  • Prototype proof-of-concept product features, following guidance from the team leads
  • Run frequent computational experiments and report weekly within technical team(s)
  • Study methods in Information Retrieval, Deep/Representation Learning, Computer Vision, and/or NLP following guidance from the team leads

Our ideal candidate has

  • Competence in at least 1 common machine learning frameworks e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, XGBoost, Caffe, scikitlearn. Experience with symbolic computing frameworks e.g. Tensorflow, Theano is an advantage
  • Experience in non-trivial academic or commercial projects in either e.g. Recommender systems, Computer Vision, NLP, Speech processing, or Signal Processing
  • Ability to read research papers / technical documents to able to implement/prototype the underlying techniques/methods/models
  • Hands-on experience in deploying products with ML component(s) is an advantage
  • Experience with Python. Knowledge of C++ is an advantage
  • Good software development practice and/or familiarity with collaboration tools (Git, Jira, Confluence)

To succeed in this role, you will need

  • University degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent working experience
Machine Learning Data Science